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    Using camera from the emulator


    How do I use the camera from the emulator? I tried it from pys60 (import camera) and I got KErrHardwareNotAvailable. I wasn't really able to find any useful information on the web so it must be really obvious. I found one recerence that it has been working in some earlier (AFAIK 2ndEd) SDK emulator. I ckecked the release notes and says that the camera application is not supported, but doesn't say anything about the camera in general.

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    Re: Using camera from the emulator

    The S60 3rd Edition platform emulator does not support camera emulation and this is correctly indicated by the APIs which are returning either KErrHardwareNotAvailable or KErrNotSupported.

    The Nokia Enterprise Solutions SDK Plug-in for S60 3rd Edition brings camera emulation support when installed on top of the S60 3rd Edition SDK MR
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Using camera from the emulator

    Thanks Lucian, I just installed the plug-in and it still doesn't work. I'm getting the same error with python as before. The only difference is that now when I press the camera button, nothing happens. The plug-in installed two camera applications "Camera Sna..." (I guess ...shot) and Camera Opt...(ions?). Each of them fail with the following message: <Application name>: Feature not supported (-5).

    I did the installation by unzipping the downloaded archive into the epoc root (the directory that contains epoc32, s60tools, etc). The release notes file says something about an installer that should rename some duplicate files, but there is no installer. (I did the renames by hand, so the original DLLs that the plugin replaces are not loaded.)

    Any idea how to make it work?

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