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    Arrow Nokia Gamer (GamR) - concept phone

    Nokia Gamer (GamR) phone

    Here is the official post (with images)

    Most of you would say: there is n81, n95, n95 8GB ... and maybe you are right. This is an ideea i've had in summer holiday when I was playng on my 6120c . I've had installed vNes (NES Emulator) and vBag (GBA Emulator) and most of my favorite games were very hard to play. Even Super Mario (NES) was hard to play. Then I've got this SUPER ideea: There are:

    -> MUSIC phones

    -> CAMERA phones

    -> NORMAL phones

    -> HIGH TECH phones

    -> OFFICE / BUSINESS phones

    But the Gaming phones are only:

    -> 5320 XpressMusic (some of a gaming phone: 1 special button usefull only for some N-Gage games)

    -> n95, n95 8GB, n85, n96 (the media keys cam be used for gaming , but they are kind of expensive)

    -> E70 (in full keyboard mode and remapped keys with MagicKey / kind of complicated)

    -> N81 (preety good, but a TV-OUT is what is missing and a little expensive)

    -> iPhone (nice graphics and gaming, but VERY EXPENSIVE)

    (At my grandmother I have only my old NES , no PC or other console)

    Now, I've had some free time and I designed THIS:

    (sorry for the bad quality, I've made this in Microsoft Paint)

    It has got all the bottons that a SNES controller had (Left, Right, D-Pad 4 directions, Start, Select, 4 action buttons)

    It is a slider in order to quickly make it change in a gaming console.

    Here is the menu (or how should look like)

    Phone Mode Gaming Console Mode

    I've found a way to navigate in Menu or in some aplications in Game Mode . With method, the phone should be compatible with all the games or applications without any special version of that aplication. The solution is an build-in aplication that set the gaming key a special value for a specific aplication (something like MagicKey).


    for Menu navigation:

    D-Pad - landscape D-Pad
    menu button - start button
    green key - Left or Right
    red key - Right or left
    phone right key - Y (watch image above)
    phone left key - A (watch image above)
    c key (clear) - X
    center D-Pad key - B

    for emulators: Full gamepad for NES, GameBoy / Color, Gameboy Advance, SNES, like real experience

    for games:
    Bounce N-Gage (for this game, there are a little too much buttons)

    D-Pad - landscape D-Pad
    pause - Start button
    phone right key - Right
    phone left key - Left
    jump (5 or center) - A
    change ball - Y

    Asphalt 3

    D-Pad - landscape D-Pad
    phone right key -Start
    phone left key -Select
    drift left (1) - Left
    drift right (3) - Right
    Nitro (5) - A or B or X or Y

    Assasin's Creed HD and Brother in Arms 3D

    I don't remember all the controls, but Brother in Arms 3D for sure can use Nokia GamR's gaming pad

    And Assasin's Creed HD needed preety much buttons .

    These were some examples how usefull can be an Auto Gaming-Pad Profile Changer .

    Auto Gaming-Pad Profile Changer

    Is an application build-in Nokia GamR that automaticly changes the values of the GamePad Buttons (Only in gaming console mode) depending of what application you are in . Also you can edit , add or remove Profiles for aplicatios.

    You may now wonder how you would type text . The answer is simple: Return to phone mode (close the slide) or use the Visual keyboard (SMS Compose image above).

    Visual keyboard

    Navigate with Gaming D-pad on what letter you want to type and press B (by default) or the button that have the center key value (like in most of the games that are played from an gamepad and require to type your name). In order to see what you are writeing, you will see only 3 rows , but when you are in the last row and press down, the next row apear and the upper rowdisapear (who played Sonic Advance 3 knows what I am saying)

    Here are more specifications:

    Now some kool features:

    Bluetooth GamePad

    The PC software is on CD (should be, becouse is only an concept phone)

    You can modify the settings only in Phone Mode, when you open the slider (and are connected, the only thing that can interupt is a phone call). There should be an extra option: to interupt the BT gamepad and to continue to answer the phone, or to be able to answer with the green key (or to cancel with red key) and continue to play while yau talk at phone trough Speaker. Also, an second extra option should be if you chose to interupt the BT GamePad, you should select (in phone mode) the button that is for Pause (Real game pause) and if some calls you, the phone automatic "press" the Pause Button and pause the game (in this way , you won't lose your progress), and after that you can chose if you want to answer or not, after the call, you should return in gamepad mode .

    Also, you can use it as BT Gamepad for other Phones or PDA (sounds a little crazy, but is possible)

    The "Any key" ( To start, press any key ... Where is the "any key" ? - Homer Simpson )

    (4 images above)

    Becouse is a gaming phone, it doesn't need a camera phone (I think), but if you still want an shortcut for the camera you can use "the Any key" . The Any key is is a button that you can give a specifique value: Camera (foto, video or panorama), Music Player, Calculator, or other aplication (build-in, 3rd party or even a game). Also, yau can select an option like: Run "Aplication name" Yes or No (this way, you don't need to wory if you accidentaly press the Any Key Button). Also, you can make a list of more applications that you will have to chose what aplication to start when you press the Any Key .

    A B X Y arangement

    A - blue for the jump

    B - red for action (punch, kick, shot)

    Y - yellow becouse is near red (used for some special attack or change forms)

    X - green becouse is near yellow and blue (used for second attack or info)

    The ABXY buttons are arenged like in image, becouse was the best GamePad configuration for me . (I've finished easy Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Heros, some Megaman games ...)

    About Hardware

    The phone should be disponible in 2 versions: one version for people with more $$$ and another for people with less $$$ .

    240x320 2,4 inch screen (or even biger)

    TV-Out (Super Mario looks better on TV )

    Symbian OS (of course )

    Camera 2 MP would be nice, but 3.2 MP sounds better (+ flash)



    3.5 Audio jack for using your facorite headset

    369 MHz CPU (for moving fast)

    Animated screen from normal to landscape mode

    Front camera and 3G (for the $$$ version)

    Very good battery 4 more gaming hours

    Wifi (for the $$$ version)

    3D chip is NOT a must have (lots of Symbian games don't require a 3D chip /// Even n96 don't have one, so it would be better becouse would make the phone cheaper )

    Very rezistent buttons

    (would be nice it would be something like: Nokia GamR Mario Limited Edition (or Sonic or Megaman) )

    MicroSD card support

    QuickOffice (only for viewing documents) is very usefull even is only a game phone

    Adobe PDF LE (for viewing PDF documents)

    Pencil key (belive me, is VERY usefull when you navigate on the net for copying adresses or texts)

    Now, some games that would look very good on your phone

    If you had the paciente to read or to look at this designed phone, please tell me what you think . If you liked it, post a good comment . Who knows, maybe nokia will make this phone real (will be like Nokia N-Gage QD' son).

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    Re: Nokia Gamer (GamR) - concept phone

    Mihai, I'm ... speechless You clearly have a lot of free time.

    I fail to see the relevance of your post on this forum, the software developers active here cannot help you make a phone...

    How about sending your ideas through Nokia's New business section of the corporate web site?
    -- Lucian

    If you are not yet a DVLUP member it is time to correct that mistake :) Click here to join: http://www.dvlup.com/lucian/Invite

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    Re: Nokia Gamer (GamR) - concept phone

    I wonder if you were aware about Mobile Games Innovation Challenge.
    If not, pity that you missed the deadline for submission : http://www.gamingchallenge.org/timeline.php

    But, there are many contests around.
    Also as Lucian suggested, you can email the concept to Nokia's Business Section.

    Best Regards,
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: Nokia Gamer (GamR) - concept phone

    Quote Originally Posted by croozeus View Post
    I wonder if you were aware about Mobile Games Innovation Challenge.
    If not, pity that you missed the deadline for submission : http://www.gamingchallenge.org/timeline.php

    But, there are many contests around.
    Also as Lucian suggested, you can email the concept to Nokia's Business Section.

    Best Regards,
    Yes, I am aware that I missed it.

    The business section is something new. I will try . Thank you.

    I've made in this Programmers Forum becouse I would like to know what you think.

    And i don't have that much time free. If I've had, probably I would have learned Photoshop and color them.

    Thank you for your replys

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    Re: Nokia Gamer (GamR) - concept phone

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