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    nokia_cs on RedHat ... to be continued

    Hi all,

    Now, as i have managed the build of the module, there still remain some problems (and questions).

    After installing (using ``make install'') I've ran ``depmod -a'', which gave me "Unresolved symbols in nokia_cs.o", will this hurt me? (It should, and what could have went wrong?)

    ``modprobe nokia_cs'' loads the module, but gives me a warning about the fact, that the module taints the kernel. This probably shouldn't hurt.

    Now I need to create the device, but I can't. (
    I'd have to run ``mknod ttyNC0 c MA MI'', but I don't know the values of MA and MI.
    ``dmesg'' only gives:
    D211: - Nokia D211 multimode radio card driver
    D211: - Version 1.04 (Tue Nov 19 14:11:57 EET 2002).
    ... and the file /proc/net/nokia_cs doesn't come up.

    This could be a further problem. In /var/log/messages I find:
    Jan 24 14:30:47 bolero cardmgr[480]: unsupported card in socket 0
    Jan 24 14:30:48 bolero cardmgr[480]: product info: "Nokia", "D211"
    Jan 24 14:30:48 bolero cardmgr[480]: manfid: 0x0124, 0x1120 function: 6 (network)

    Any suggestions?

    Due to the fact, that we need the card for the only purpose, to send SMS to real mobile-phones. Will we need to set up PPP ?????

    Thanks in advance

    PS: Oooh, I HAVE proc support in the kernel (of course), and PCMCIA is up and running.

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    RE: nokia_cs on RedHat ... to be continued

    Even more info for the developers. Here is the output of ``nm nokia_cs.o | grep -w U''

    U add_timer
    U add_wait_queue
    U alloc_skb
    U CardServices
    U __const_udelay
    U cpu_raise_softirq
    U create_proc_entry
    U del_timer
    U do_softirq
    U ether_setup
    U eth_type_trans
    U fasync_helper
    U __generic_copy_from_user
    U __generic_copy_to_user
    U __get_user_4
    U interruptible_sleep_on
    U interruptible_sleep_on_timeout
    U irq_stat
    U jiffies
    U kfree
    U __kfree_skb
    U kill_fasync
    U kmalloc
    U mod_timer
    U netif_rx
    U __out_of_line_bug
    U printk
    U proc_net # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U register_chrdev # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U register_netdev # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U register_pccard_driver # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U remove_proc_entry # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U remove_wait_queue
    U schedule
    U schedule_timeout
    U skb_over_panic
    U softnet_data
    U sprintf
    U strstr
    U sys_close
    U tasklet_init
    U tasklet_kill
    U __tasklet_schedule
    U __this_module
    U tty_flip_buffer_push
    U tty_hangup
    U tty_register_driver
    U tty_std_termios
    U tty_unregister_driver
    U tty_wait_until_sent
    U __udelay
    U unregister_chrdev
    U unregister_netdev
    U unregister_pccard_driver
    U vsprintf
    U __wake_up

    Okokokok, ALL of these unresolved syms are important, but the commented ones should explain, why I don't get the /proc/net/nokia_cs file.

    The box is a vanilly RedHat8.0 installation.

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    RE: nokia_cs on RedHat ... to be continued


    Unresolved symbols is not a problem here. You should have restarted the PCMCIA by running the restarting script (/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart).

    You don't need to create the device (ttyNC0). Card start script (etc/pcmcia/nokia_cs) will do it for you.

    PPP is not required if you just want to send SMS.

    Best Regards,

    Nokia D211 Support

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