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    connection manager conflict

    After installing Nokia PC Suite it must install a TSR to scan the serial port for the phone being connected, but if you want to plug in a different phone eg Motorola then the download app for that phone cannot access the serial port because the nokia app is hogging it.
    Is there a stand alone app for installing j2me apps onto the phone without having all the other stuff installed ?
    Or can I just stop the TSR being loaded every time ?


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    RE: connection manager conflict

    Hello Neil,

    You can temporarily disable serial connection in Nokia Connection Manager. Another way is to select some other COM port for the connection.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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    Re: connection manager conflict

    I had the same problem, and I changed pc suite to com 6, but then whenever I try to use an app on my phone that talks to com 7, it fails to respond. I have to somehow change the pc suite to com 7 and then back to com 6 before my phone app can communicate with the computer via com 7. It's almost like connection manager needs to enable that com 7 channel first before I can access it with anything. Can you please advise if there is an easier way to have my phone app communicate with the computer via com 7 without having me change the connection manager settings every time? Thanks.

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