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    Unable to activate offline mode in the emulator

    Hi all,

    I am trying this in series 60 v3 version 9.1 emulator. My requirement is to make the emulator offline and then test the application.

    When I make the emulator offline then after a while the emulator displays message that::

    activated profile:: Offline

    but this is not as it says.. after a second it displays

    Unable to activate offline mode....

    and then it displays::

    Activate Profile: General

    I want to make the emulator offline for some time but I am unable to do that....

    Please help....


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    Re: Unable to activate offline mode in the emulator

    Please let me know the solution asap.

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    Re: Unable to activate offline mode in the emulator

    It is absolutely not sure that the emulator supports any kind of profile change (I have not tried), but it is sure that Offline profile is a special one amongst all (since it powers down the SIM and all radio equipment in real devices), so it has even a bit less probability for being supported in the emulator.
    Anyway, you can still check if other profile changes are supported, and also check if there are any traces of the unsuccessfull attempt in the logfile (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Epocwind.out).

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