Hi all,

The following is the part of code written to REGISTER with SIP Server.

This code is working in E51 phone and Emulator and not working in E61i phone.

To find this problem i start to debug the code by appending debug statements.
Through that i found that after
"scc.initRequest("REGISTER", scn);" the debug statement is not get executed.
And also i tried for INVITE Method by giving INVITE as argument to initRequest API , this is working perfectly.

so my assumption is something may wrong on initRequest API when giving REGISTER as argument in E61i phone.


SipClientConnection scc = (SipClientConnection)Connector.open("sip:"+registrar.getString()+ ";transport="+s);

scc.initRequest("REGISTER", scn);
form.append (" After initRequest");// Debug statement.
scc.setHeader("Route", "<" + "sip:"+outboundproxy.getString()+";lr>");
scc.setHeader("From", "sip:"+username.getString()+"@"+registrar.getString());
scc.setHeader("To", "sip:"+username.getString()+"@"+registrar.getString());
scc.setHeader("Contact", contact);
scode = scc.getStatusCode();

if (scode == 200)

so please help me to resolve this issue.