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    Download manager hangs during file download on N95


    I initiated file download using RHttpDownload download manager. I am testing on N95 and built with S60 FP1. The HandleDMgrEventL function receives EHttpDlInprogress but the file download hangs/suspends after some time.
    As a result complete file is not downloaded. Only a portion of it is downloaded. But HandleDMgrEventL function does not receive any download paused or download deleted event. The downloading just hangs when in "In progress" state. This happens arbitrarily with different files at different stages of download. First time if say 30KB is downloaded, next time 50KB gets downloaded before download hangs/suspends.

    I tested my app on N92 and N93 with MR SDK and there is no problem. This problem seems to be only on N95

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    Re: Download manager hangs during file download on N95


    something similar is happening to me with Nokia 5800. Did you find any solution for this?

    Thank you.

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