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    7210 Simulator - MMS Notifications or MMS messages ?


    I'm a little confused with the 7210 simulator. When I use the File/New option from the NMIT 3.1, I can send an MMS "event" to the 7210 simulator. The Push Messages Manages of the NMIT shows the MMS message type to be "m-retrieve-conf" - ie. an MMS message and not an MMS notification. When I use my own application to send the NMIT/7210 simulator an MMS notification (message type "m-notification-ind&quot, it does'nt respond. My application can send notifications just fine to real devices.

    Does the 7210 simulator respond to MMS notifications ? or only to pushed MMS messages ?

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    RE: 7210 Simulator - MMS Notifications or MMS messages ?


    NMIT 3.1 is meant to be used to have the look and feel of real Nokia 7210. It does not inlude any networking interface components and only interface available is the file interface. Emulator won't react to any notification messages.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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