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    RGA, Open C LIBSSL, Standard C++ library


    I just want to be able to compile and run a similar code:
    #include <vector>

    using namespace std;


    I have found libraries RGA APIs, Open C LIBSSL, Standard C++ library in my phone - I guess it come with N-Gage application. When I tried to figure out where to download these from so that I can use them for my developmenet I neither found OpenC++ (just OpenC) nor any Standard C++ library from Nokia.

    Can anyone please drop a line explaining what these libraries are for and what libraries you can suggest when implementing portable part of my code using C++ STL? I have found STL Port and Penrillian but not sure which is better.

    Does Open C/C++ plug-in install these libraries on the phone? What does Open C/C++ plug-in change in the SDK(fp1, fp2).

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    Re: RGA, Open C LIBSSL, Standard C++ library

    You should check once more. www.forum.nokia.com Tools and SDKs / Symbian/C++ Tools, Open C/C++ Plug-ins for S60 3rd Edition. It comes with a number of .sis files, for example stdcpp.sis.

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