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    Problem with Widcomm BT app connection (passcode prompt)

    Hi there,
    I have a problem with connecting my n95 with widcomm bt stack based application. Always after calling socket.Connect(addr, status) method i receive the dialog:
    enter 10390323-digit passcode for.../*host name*/

    I use this code:

    TBuf<30> temp_buf;
    TRequestStatus status;
    CEikonEnv::Static()->InfoWinL(_L("Openning port"), temp_buf);
    //here the dialog appears
    CEikonEnv::Static()->InfoWinL(_L("connected"), _L("con"));

    if (status == KErrNone)
    // Write some simple data
    CEikonEnv::Static()->InfoWinL(_L("data"), _L("sent"));
    CEikonEnv::Static()->InfoWinL(_L("not sent"), temp_buf);

    PC application is based on Bluetooth Chat (but with changed service guid and name). I even developed my own app from the beginning and the result is the same. security in the PC app is set to BTM_SEC_NONE

    Could you help?

    PS: I'd like to add, that I tried to connect two n95 and there were no prompt
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    Re: Problem with Widcomm BT app connection (passcode prompt)

    the same thing is when I connect to the BlueChat example acting as a server

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    Re: Problem with Widcomm BT app connection (passcode prompt)

    I do not know what can be the problem in your case, my only problem with Widcomm SDK is discussed here: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=87906
    Though that was an asymmetric problem, and it happened with N80-s and N91-s (have not tested since then).

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    Re: Problem with Widcomm BT app connection (passcode prompt)

    yeah, I've solved the problem

    The only thing to do was changing "addr" type to TBTSockAddr and adding the following code before casting Connect() method:

    TUid SomeUid;

    // Set the security according to.
    TBTServiceSecurity serviceSecurity;
    serviceSecurity.SetAuthentication ( EFalse );
    serviceSecurity.SetEncryption ( EFalse );
    serviceSecurity.SetAuthorisation ( EFalse );
    serviceSecurity.SetDenied( EFalse );

    // Attach the security settings.

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