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    Question [announce] PyS60 for 5th edition very soon ?

    Hello everybody

    What an exciting day : the launching of the first S60 5th Edition device

    And I found interesting news for PyS60 too

    Look at HERE for discovering it !

    What's new for Python on the 5th edition :

    - Python for S60 applications are able to make use of the UI enhancements in S60 5th Edition, with more screen real estate and touch interaction enabling users to more easily and intuitively navigate Python scripts and applications.

    - The on-screen keyboard also is available for text and data entry.

    I hope that Nokia will release PyS60 for 5th edition very soon.
    I remember that jplauril said that new version was almost ready (with Python 2.5 core !) but he didn't say a thing about the 5th edition

    edit : If you run Python 1.4.4 on the S60 5th edition emulator , you can use Python already (seems compatible) but the interesting touch interaction can not be used of course
    We have to wait the new PyS60 for 5th Ed soon , very soon ...

    Happy Pythoning on the 5th Ed
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    pys60 1.4.5 and 2.0.0, pygame, PyS60 CE on E90 and 5800 !

    Find my pys60 extension modules on cyke64.googlepages.com

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    Re: [announce] PyS60 for 5th edition very soon ?

    Hi cyke
    Indeed a very good news and the points you have mentioned are really very cool.
    Hope to see the new version soon.

    Enjoy pythoning

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    Re: [announce] PyS60 for 5th edition very soon ?

    hi cyke,

    indeed a great news for Python community.
    waiting for the release.

    - Chintan Umraliya

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    Re: [announce] PyS60 for 5th edition very soon ?

    Hi cyke64,

    Great discovery! Any ideas where is the same doc for 3rd FP2? Would like to take a look at what they promise for those devices



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