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    Nokia 7650 e-mail configuration

    Does anyone know how to remove an e-mail inbox in the Messaging folder?I was sent a Config.msg by text so as to configure some of my settings.But after playing around with the settings trying to get my e-mail working,I found out that my old SIM card couln't do e-mail (Credit phone SIM card!).But in the meantime I had lost some of the original settings - stored under "Vodafone MISP".So I tried to download the config file to overwrite the existing one.No can do!Do I created a 2nd inbox,"Vodafone MISP1" so I could get the settings back.But!!I discovered that I can't delete the extra inbox.No big deal really - but it just annoys me.Does anyone know how to delete it?Is there an "Unconfig.msg" file that will get rid of it?!It's a bit silly that you can add as many of these as you want,but can't delete them!Any help or advice is appreciated.Thanks!

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    RE: Nokia 7650 e-mail configuration


    Try using the Nokia 7650 Phone Support website at:
    click on "Support"
    Under "Select a Product", choose your phone model from the drop-down menu.
    Lots of information there for the 7650.


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