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    Default wifi MTU value?

    In my home DSL/wifi router environment. I could open few web site (www.google.com/gmail and www.baidu.com) successfully, But all other site fail. (no gateway reply)

    My Windows Vista got the same problem 2 weeks ago. And I resolve it by reduce Vista's default MTU setting. The reason was that DSL MTU is 1492 and it drop all packet which size bigger than it.

    So I think 'no gateway reply' is a MTU problem too.... Will anyone confirm it?
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    Re: Default wifi MTU value?


    I decrease WLAN MTU to 1400 , then everything is ok!

    see my post at "Python" subforum: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=146479

    Nokia's default WLAN MTU is 1500 and default GPRS MTU is 1400.

    My DSL/wifi Router is DELL truemobile 2300 with DD-WRT v24

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