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    error when sending SI to 3650

    Hi there,

    I am getting an error message saying "General: System error" when I try to download the url received in a service message, which is sent via SI to 3650. Below is the xml that I am sending to the PPG for the service indication:

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <indication href="http://fooserver/foo.wml" created="2003-1-24T18:23:2Z" si-id="http://fooserver/foo.wml" si-expires="2003-12-22T22:10:11Z" action="signal-low">
    This is the push message

    By the way, I am able to go to foo.wml from the wap browser in the phone. I snoopped the port 9201 for both cases, I mean, for the working case via the the wap browser and not working via the service message, and there does not seem to be any difference between what is sent and received by the phone.

    One more thing, the same SI message works fine with 7650.

    And the OS version is: V 1.34 25-11-2002 NHL-8

    Any comments?

    Burak G.

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    RE: error when sending SI to 3650


    I created a similar SI as you did but I couln't get my 3650 to work similarly (I have a later software version from January on my 3650). Your software version seems to be rather old and it's not a commercial software. Therefore I would strongly recommend you to update your 3650's software and try again.

    Best regards,
    Jori / Forum Nokia

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