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Thread: Nokia J2ME

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    Nokia J2ME

    This MIDP 1.0 implementation and Nokia API is really poor, who cares about toggling on and off the light and vibrator, this is useless!

    I wish I could access the modem, the file system, the phone book, the wallet, etc.

    Has anyone been trying to reverse engineering a 7210 or 6100 and check for undocumented api, etc...

    Hum, is it really impossible to access the irda port or the modem of a S40 Series phone.

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    RE: Nokia J2ME


    This implementation is not so poor as you think.

    You should read MIDP 1.0 technical specifications either on http://java.sun.com/j2me/ or http://www.jcp.org/

    If Nokia implement a lot of Nokia API for MIDP in their MIDP, J2ME application will lose portability and good security.

    I think MIDP applications should have access neither to the file system nor to the phone book due to security reasons.

    That's why it is better to follow JCP MIDP Specifications.

    Eugene Yatsenko.

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