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    Unhappy Media Sampler v1.0 on N95 - Can't hear audio

    I downloaded the Media Sampler v1.0 (Forum Nokia MMAPI Example) and I installed the provided jar on my N95:
    Video shows OK but I hear no audio.

    The funny part is that if I copy the file VideoClip.3gp directly on the phone and I open it with Real Player, video and sound works fine.

    Furthermore, if I install the jar in my Nokia 6260 video and sound works fine as well.

    Any suggestions on how I can enable audio on the midlet running on N95?

    Is there any special configuration I need to do on the N95 in order for sounds to work from within J2ME?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Media Sampler v1.0 on N95 - Can't hear audio

    I had similar problem with my own app. I changed sound parameters in phone general profile, finally swiched phone profile to Outdoor and then back to General and then sounds were ok. It looks like the phone has a bug that it keeps J2ME sounds silent for some reason, even if profile is not Silent (anymore). Media players play music also in the Silent profile.
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