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    Alternatives to DialNewCall


    I need to make a phone call from my application. Preferably using public APIs. For now I used DialNewCall from CTelephony.

    Is there any alternative solutions/APIs?

    My problem is that if I close my application before the call setup is started (I did call DialNewCall, but the effect of the call is not yet visible on the phone, i.e. the phone is not yet dialing the phone number) the call will not take place. Probably because the variables for Call ID, etc. which are passed as parameters to DialNewCall go out of memory if the application closes. However, in my application I do not care about the result of the call. I just want to call a phone number. I do not have to anything within my application with the call (except to I would like my application to exit normally).

    Also DialNewCall needs an active object. I would prefer if I could make a call without the need for an active object.

    So maybe I call a method which instructs the phone application to make a call? Anyone know the name for such an API / method?

    If the user experience is similar as when the user makes a normal phone call, then this is fine for me. So no need to suppress popups or call indicators, etc.


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    Re: Alternatives to DialNewCall

    you could of course use AT commands (not any easier and requires more capabilities), or check AIW & phone client APIs from the API plug-in.

    Though it should be rather easy to get the CTelephony working, just remember to Cancel before deleting the object etc. and keep all required stuff as member variables.

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    Re: Alternatives to DialNewCall

    Symbianyucca has covered most of the issues in detail.
    As you are looking for alternative way to make a call without the active object try looking into this discussion thread
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