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    7210 messaging client

    Can the 7210 messaging client invoke the WAP browser from an embedded link (similar to the ?message to? function)?

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    RE: 7210 messaging client


    The messaging client can recognize URLs (as well as phone numbers and e-mail addresses inside a MMS or SMS text) and will allow the user to perform actions on the chosen URL.

    While viewing a message:
    --> Select "Options"
    --> scroll down to "Use Detail"
    --> choose "Phone number", "E-mail address", or "Web address"
    --> if any matching text is found in the message, you can highlight your choice
    --> selecting "Options" again will give a menu of actions that can be performed on that URL (or phone number or e-mail address)... including opening the URL in the WAP browser.

    No special process is needed when sending the message. Simply include a URL in standard format within the text of your message.

    Have fun!

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