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    Question Get the Internet Access Provider (IAP)

    Hello Everyone,
    The SIP examples shipped with the S60 are good but all of them work only if u have a SIP profile already enabled. What i was looking forward to is , How can i create a SIP connection and pick up the Internet Access Point (IAP) dynamically ?

    I was going through the SIP tutorial provided with the S60 and found out that i need to pass the IAP while constructing the SIP client.

    Also, Is it possible to check that weather a particular IAP supports SIP or not.

    Abhishek karmakar

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    Re: Get the Internet Access Provider (IAP)

    There are quite many posts or web links talking about how to get IAP, so I will skip it here.
    IAP should have nothing to do with sip cause sip is an application protocol while iap defines through which channel should data go
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