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Thread: Live Logger

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    Live Logger

    my application is creating a log file and i want to see the logs live on my desktop screen, for this purpose i want to create an desktop application which frequently read the specific file from a predefined path on mobile and update the screen so that it looks like a live logger. needs your suggestions;

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    Re: Live Logger

    You could look into PC suite API:s, though I have no idea whatsoever if there would be anything that could be used for your use case.

    Anyway, you could maybe try sending the data from the device through serial connection over BT (See poit-to-point example for more information), map your BT dongle to Com port on PC side, and connect the Com port to hyper terminal. then you could see all strings sent from the mobile in the hyperterminal screen.

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    Re: Live Logger

    Or, to make life easier, try On-Device debug, and print the log in Carbide` s console
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