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    What technology to be used to develop applications to Nokia 7650/9210


    I developed the game for J2ME MIDP 1.0.
    Now I would like to port that game in Nokia 7650 and Nokia 9210 Communicator.

    What are the technolgies to be used for both?
    Whether they will accept MIDP 1.0 applications or I have to use another technology.

    Please help me.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    RE: What technology to be used to develop applications to Nokia 7650/9210


    Nokia 7650 supports MIDP 1.0 and Nokia UI API. So, your application should work with 7650.

    Nokia 9210 Communicator doesn't include MIDP 1.0 support by default but user can install MIDP Software for Nokia 9210 Communicator which enables to run midlets on the 9210. However, it doesn't support Nokia UI API.

    In the case of 9210 another way is to use Personal Java instead of MIDP. 9210 support Personal Java and JavaPhone. Personal Java is larger and quite different platform than MIDP/CLDC. It is based on Java 1.1 standard.

    Both phones are based on Symbian OS, so you can also program C++ applications for them. More information about that you can find form Symbian area.

    All in all, I think it depends on your application which technology is best for you. In the case of 7650 the choice is quite easy, it is MIDP. But in the case of 9210 it might be better to use for example Personal Java.

    Best Regards,
    JP / Forum Nokia

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