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    Multiple LDDs to single PDD in Symbian


    Is it possible to use multiple LDDs to single PDD in Symbian?
    Only one device exists but multiple HWRM Plugins are accepting to the device driver.
    If possible to load multiple LDDs, Plz also let me know how handdle messages from LDDs in Pdd.
    Or, Plz tell me if you have any idea to use multiple HWRMs in single device.


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    Re: Multiple LDDs to single PDD in Symbian

    I think this question should be on the Symbian C++ board at least. Since it is a device driver question and most developers on Forum Nokia can't write such things (no access to relevant SDK) you might have more luck on the partner discussion boards at Symbian (SDN++ or whatever it's called).


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    Re: Multiple LDDs to single PDD in Symbian

    Thanx reply Sorcery-ltd!

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