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    closing iap in runtime

    I got problem to close iap while my application is running.
    I send some data via http engine what uses 3g ap. I wuold like to close that connection and if possible change connection to use wlan ap.

    I have tried many things but that 3g connection comes up again and again application started to use wlan, but 3g ap is up too (there is no data transfers trought it). So how I can tell to Connection server that my application doesnt need that iap anymore.

    i have tried to iConnection.Stop(); Close(); and I have closed socketserver and recreated all but nothing helps.


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    Re: closing iap in runtime

    if you use http example you will have to call again SetupConnectionL, and before that Close not only iConnection and iSocketServ but also iSession.
    If you still have any problem just ask.

    Good luck

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    Re: closing iap in runtime

    thanks for quick reply I will test closing all again isession too. i dont use http example, but lets hope this will help

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    Re: closing iap in runtime

            TRAPD( err1, iSession.OpenL( ) );
    	User::LeaveIfError( iSocketServ.Connect() );
    	User::LeaveIfError( iConnection.Open(iSocketServ) );
    	TCommDbConnPref pref; 			//for default ap
        pref.SetDialogPreference( ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt );
        pref.SetDirection( ECommDbConnectionDirectionOutgoing );
        pref.SetBearerSet( ECommDbBearerWLAN | ECommDbBearerGPRS | ECommDbBearerCdma2000 | ECommDbBearerLAN | ECommDbBearerCSD );
        iConnection.Start( pref );
    here it is stop closes ap and application starts using new iap. but after 1-3sec 3g iap comes active again. any ideas?

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    Re: closing iap in runtime

    what do you mean by '3G iap comes active again'?
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