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    Multi-Brand Coverage for Nokia Picture Messages


    I know that picture messages were another Nokia innovation, but I need to know how universally implementable they are.

    1) Do all Nokia phones support picture messages? I read that one of the Communicators doesn't support them, are they any other Nokia phones that don't support it? Which ones? What percentage?

    2) Which non-Nokia brand phones support picture messages? Do certain manufacturers complete support it, or not support it, with all their phones? Or is it very much a phone by phone thing? Again, roughly, what percentage of all the non-Nokia phones currently in use do not support picture messages?

    3) In total, of ALL the phones in use, roughly what percentage support picture messaging.

    Thank you very much for your time,

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    RE: Multi-Brand Coverage for Nokia Picture Messages


    Have a look to the "Messaging characteristics" document.

    Some other vendors has adopted some parts of the Smart Messaging specification. We have no knowledge what are the models / vendors.

    At this point Nokia has a market share of 39-40% and most of the new phones do support this feature.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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