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    Smart card detection speed


    I'm involved in a project which includes constructing our own 'smart card' using custom rfid hardware. Everything is working nicely so far, the device gets detected as a ISO14443_CARD target. However, this detection process is relatively slow, as the phone (6131NFC) seems to probe for all kinds of specific known smart cards (like desfire) during the detection phase.

    Does anyone know if there is a option for configuring the detection process? We would like to only listen for generic smart cards, not desfire or other specific implementations.

    Or another question: Has anyone tried the new 6212 phone, is it any faster especially concerning the smart card detection/negotiation?



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    Re: Smart card detection speed

    Hi hvuoltee,

    regarding the detection mode: no, you can not modify that in the Nokia 6131 nor the NOkia 6212. It seems to be the same "firmware".

    cheers, geri-m

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