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    File management through OTA, Need your help !!!


    I am a student and I have to work on File management through OTA.
    I have already made programs that send SMS PDU but I find the GSM 03.48 difficult to understand.

    I wish I could send an OTA SMS that ask my phone to send me back the phonebook items stored in its SIM (with remote file management method).

    Can somebody send me an example of an OTA SMS performing such an action ?

    Any advice welcome

    With many thanks !!!!!!!!


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    Re: File management through OTA, Need your help !!!

    Although I am no GSM expert, it would be rather strange if sending an SMS to me would convince my mobile device to automatically send items from my phonebook to you. It would arise privacy and billing issues at least.
    And phonebook items are not files anyway.
    Otherwise in Symbian you can develop applications watching for certain SMS patterns and react on them (even send something in return), but that would not be OTA DM, but Symbian C++ development.

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