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    Flicker free graphics on 7650

    Can anyone help please? I can't get rid of gfx flicker on a 7650. The device is supposed to be double buffered so paint() should only be called on the off-screen buffer but it still flickers. If I call serviceRepaints() I'd have hoped it would then call paint() at the beginning of a vertical retrace but it makes no difference either. I could easily implement double buffering in software but if I can't sync to the vertical retrace then what chance is there of achieving flicker free graphics?

    If I can't achieve sync with the vertical retrace then I'm wondering if there's a method where I can force J2ME to draw to the display from bottom to top (instead of the usual top to bottom) to minimise raster interaction.

    Thanks for your help.

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    RE: Flicker free graphics on 7650


    you might want to try something like this:
    try {
    // run at 20fps
    int wait = (int)(System.currentTimeMillis() - timer);
    wait = (1000/FRAMERATE)-wait;

    if ( wait < 0)

    // adjust timer
    timer = System.currentTimeMillis();

    } catch (Exception exc) {

    Good Luck,

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    RE: Flicker free graphics on 7650

    I have seen only midlets that use FullCanvas to have no problems with flicker-free (fullscreen) graphics. Maybe in FullCanvas implementation they solved this vertical retrace synchronisation problem... The software double buffering will not solve the problem - I tried it...


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    I have the same problem
    I tried Norman's solution... it doesn't work
    Does someone has a solution for this problem?

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