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    PC Suite not recognizing 6310i


    I have just changed my 6210 to a 6310i and have installed pc suite v4.82. All the programs work fine and recognize my phone as a 6310i apart from when I try and use the nokia application installer it says my phone is a 6310 so it won't allow me to connect to the program to install new applications. I can download and install them with wap but can't figure out why I can't upload them from my computer. I am using a DLR-3P data cable.

    Many Thanks In Advance For Any Helpful Replies!

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    RE: PC Suite not recognizing 6310i


    I don't know what your problem is, but as a solution, you can try the newer version of Nokia PC Suite, which is version 5. You can find it from www.nokia.com/phones product pages for newer phones.

    Another possibility is to upgrade the firmware of your phone, but I doubt it helps. I have used Nokia PC Suite 4.82 with pre-production phones and they didn't give me any problems.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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