dear friends,
I am trying to view a MMS Message with smil sent using MMS Java Library in the series 60 Content Authoring SDK v1.0. I am getting an error message "Message cannot be viewed as desired.See menu objects".

The smil i've written is here:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE smil PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SMIL 2.0//EN"
<smil xmlns="">
<root-layout width="160" height="120"/>
<region id="Image" width="150" height="110" left="0" top="0" />
<region id="Text" width="10" height="10" left="150" top="120"/>
<img region="Image" src="cid:update.jpg"/>
<text region="Image" src="cid:quotes.txt"/>
<text region="Image" src="cid:ad.txt"/>
<img region="Image" src="cid:nokia.gif"/>

I'm using a Win2000 server to host the SDK. Please advice me on what could be wrong.

Thanks and regards,
Suraj Berwal.