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    Nokia 22 problem

    We've currently got 2 Nokia 22's and one of them keeps failing to make or receive calls on a frequent basis and the only way to get it working again is to reset the power. When you ring it no lights flash but you get a ringing tone. I don't know wheather it is down to the firmware or not but I don't know how to check. Both Nokia's connect to our PBX on the RJ 11 port.

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    RE: Nokia 22 problem

    Dear Customer,

    set the "GSM start up mode" to be "Voice". To be able to do that, you need the Nokia 22 Configurator SW. In case you don't have Configurator, you can also contact your Nokia 22 reseller to get assistance or SW upgrade to your terminal.

    SW versin can be checked only with N22 configurator. RPM-3 firmware version can be asked also with standard AT command.

    To read more about the product, you are welcome to visit our N22 product suppot page at

    M2M developer support team

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