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    Designing an app to send MMS from the PC

    The Nokia Communicator Center allows one to write an MMS message on their PC and send it via the phone which is connected to the PC by data cable.

    I am looking to create an application that will run on the PC, can take an image or video from a location on the PC automatically, create an MMS message and send it via the connected phone. The Nokia Communicator Center shows that sending MMS via the PC is possible but are there any developer kits or modules available that will help me do this for my own application?

    I'm using a Series 60 phone - the Nokia N95. Any assistance will be much appreciated.

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    Re: Designing an app to send MMS from the PC

    You can get PC Connectivity SDK-s from FN main site, www.forum.nokia.com, Tools and SDKs/All Other Tools. You can check what they support.

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