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Thread: WSDL help

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    WSDL help


    I am using the Nokia WSDL-to-C++ Wizard for S60 to access web services.But if i am not wrong then
    this tool is used with .Net to generate the proxy classes.
    My problem is that i am not crating the proxy classes with .Net framewok, i am normally running the WSDL tool to generate the proxy classes , but through this the tool is not generating the callback files, which is always needed for the proxy classes, if i am not wrong.
    Can anyone please let me know how to create this callback files, and how to make the web service call.


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    Re: WSDL help


    The WSDL to CPP wizard should generate all required proxy classes(including the callback). Are you using SOAP? or some other connection method to the server?

    At least in my SOAP based communication system, the WSDL wizard created the callback class, which were inherited from MSenServiceConsumer.

    Did you try to generate code from the WSDL description to the server side as well? How did that go? Perhaps you have problems in the WSDL description.


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