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    how to extract multiple images from Single Image File

    We are working to develop an action game (karatay type). for saving Jar file space, I want to extract charecter image Frames from a single File. Can any one give me any efficiant code snipet for doing this thing.
    2 - Also there are some strange behavior in the my game application. some times one charecter image loads well, but other not laoded or displayed. I guess it is due to some memory problems. but game does not throw any exception and run smoothly, and second player play in invisiable mode.

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    RE: how to extract multiple images from Single Image File

    it is programming question rather then device related.

    usual technique is to compute position of needed fram and then do sth like:

    graphics.clipRect(xPos, yPos, spriteWidth, spriteHeight);
    xPos - spriteWidth * (sequence[frame] % framesInRow),
    yPos - spriteHeight * (sequence[frame] / framesInRow),



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    RE: how to extract multiple images from Single Image File


    a little comment on Szymon's approach: calculating a modulus is veeeery slow and can harass your MIDlet performance in low performance environments like this. Instead, put all the frames into one long PNG file and Graphics.setClip from there accordingly. (I assume every frame is equal sized and the sequences for different animations are stored in some integer array? You can then use that integer as a base for processing your animation sequence with setClip, like animationFrame[whateverMoveIsThis][indexOfFramesInThisMove] * whateverIsTheWidthOfEachFrame, right?)

    Graphics.setClip(anim[move][fr] * frWidth, 0, (anim[move][fr]+1) * frameWidth - 1, frameHeight);

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    PS. Sorry for the double post.
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