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    Running application on S60

    hey, i have just started working with the Java Wireless Toolkit, i have a programme that works fine using the simulator but how can i run this application on my real cellphone? i have already entered the folder of this application but i could not find any .jar files but only one .jad file.

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    Re: Running application on S60


    Are you using NetBeans or some other IDE? I tried it and was able to find both the JAR and the JAD in the dist folder of the project (NetBeansProjects\MobileApplication1\dist). Normally that's where it should be. Anyway, in NetBeans, you can deploy your midlet to the phone like this:
    • Right-click the project in the "Project" pane and select "Properties". Then select "Deploying" from the left part of the window and from the drop-down list select "Nokia Terminal connected via PC Suite". Press the "OK" button.
    • Connect your phone to your PC via PC Suite.
    • Right-click your project again and select "Deploy".

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