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    Upgrade for Nokia DTL-1

    Hi there everybody.I own a DTL-1 with a notebook under XP home and I'm trying to use both with a 7650. Just spent some time to read all Q&A about DTL-1 and 7650...
    Does anybody knows if it's possible to upgrade a DTL-1 from BT 1.0 to 1.1?
    Seems to be "uncommercial" from the n1 mobile maker, leading part of BT SIG, to sell BT accessories but no support to use them with its new BT phones...
    Is Socket Communication be able to develop such an upgrade to be download soon?
    Thanks a lot for any kin of help.

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    RE: Upgrade for Nokia DTL-1

    Socket Communications provides upgrades for DTL-1 cards. Please visit www.socketcom.com for further information.

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