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    Null pointer problem{help}

    hi.m tring to get task id through following code:

    1.TApaTaskList taskList(CCoeEnv::Static()->WsSession());
    2.TApaTask task(taskList.FindByPos(0));
    3.TInt window =task.WgId();
    through line no.2 m tring to get the task which is currently using.
    and in line 3 m getting the task id.
    but the problem reside in line 1.where WSSession is null thus a panic name kern exe3 arised due to null pointer.how will i remove this.kindly help me.

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    Re: Null pointer problem{help}

    I guess yours is a GUI less application that's why when you are trying to get the CCoeEnv* through CCoeEnv::Static() you are getting NULL pointer.
    You will have to create your own CCoeEnv to use it in your application.
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    Re: Null pointer problem{help}

    RWsSession is just a class, you can also instantiate for yourself. Of course in this case you should remember that it is an R-class, so some kind of open-close is required, which happen to be Connect and Close:
    RWsSession session;
    ...your code...
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // session

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