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    Question How to show google Map in MiDlet application for LBS?

    Hello all,
    I have put this question in other forums but didn't get satisfactory answers. Plz have patience and read my problem.

    Basically I am developing a Point Of Interest application to show local search results from local Google on phone UI. Now I successfully able to show results in text format in a FORM. The results contains the local results address.

    Now I want to integrate the local results with google Map so that when user clicks on a link for each result data it will show the location on Map in another FORM or may be some other UI component. I know I get the lat/long values for each search results got from google Ajax search results. Plz tell me how can I show some links with each result (google ajax now gives 8 search results) in the same FORM where the text results are shown so that when user clicks on that particular link it shows the Map data for that location?

    Is it possible to achieve this on my phone nokia 6630? I also want to add zoom features with the Map..

    plz give me some good pointers/links/code snippets.

    Thanks a lot for the replies. Hope i will get some good response about the query.

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    Re: How to show google Map in MiDlet application for LBS?

    Maybe you could ask Google. Their Google Maps APIs info here:

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    Re: How to show google Map in MiDlet application for LBS?

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    Re: How to show google Map in MiDlet application for LBS?

    thanks for the reply. I went through the link.what I could not make out that how can I show Map for a particular local search from many results. The thing is i am showing all local search results as text in a FORM UI. say, for 3rd result shown on FORM the user wants to see Map (Now I am showing 8 search results got from Google API in text format in a FORM). so how can he choose the particular result to show Map? I dont understand how to make command-action event in a FORM. since all data is shown as text and there is no way to choose a particular location for getting MAP data..may be I m very bad at UI programming...can anyone plz guide me..


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