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    Nokia 31 will not connect as modem...?

    Hello, I am trying to use the Nokia 31 as a wireless modem, and I am getting the following error..

    When I installed the proper driver and set up a connection, it keeps saying no carrier after a short time, and if I go into Hyperterm and type atd with a number, it looks okay for about 10 seconds, and says no carrier. I can call my GSM number, and hyperterminal gets the ring notification, and if I type ATA, then it picks up the line, but no negotiation tones?.... is there an AT command I have not configured properly?

    One other note: I cannot get the configurator to connect to my device either, I have tried both COM ports on my machine, still no luck? its the new version as well (Dec, 17,2002).

    Any help on these topics would be great!


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    RE: Nokia 31 will not connect as modem...?


    When you are using Hyperterminal program of the windows (with Nokia 31) and you make call with at command atd,
    then if you make like atdxxxxxxx where xxxxxx is your GSM number, then the call is made as data call and you need to have sim card which supports data call.

    If you make call like atdxxxxxx; where xxxxxx is your gsm number and you have mark ; after your GSM number then the call is made like voice
    call and it should work.

    Are you making voice call or data call?
    What is the operating system of your PC?

    When you use configurator, then go to the file/preferences
    and choose connection type as AT commands and check that the communication port is correct.


    Nokia M2M developer support team

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