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    j2me application installation time for 3rd ed devices?

    Hi All,

    I need to get all installed application name and it's time, but in 3rd ed devices, application installed in private folder so we can't access this private folder without "ALLFILES" capability.I got symbian c++ application installed time from rsc file(Z:\RESOURCE\APPS\) modified time, it is working fine.

    How to get j2me application installation time? for symbian c++ application, there will be resource files, but no such files for j2me applications.

    i am using symbian c++ for application development.

    can anyone please guide me to solve this issue?

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    I am not sure for this whether you can find it as an in-built.However you can apply one logic for this.As soon as you install the application on device then write the current date and time in the RMS. The you can fetch the same.

    Hope this makes sense.
    Thanks with Regards,

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