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    6385 CDMA, Commandset & Data Cable Query

    I'm working on a pre-market release Nokia 6385 CDMA phone for the New Zealand (NZ) market. I'm trying to track down some detailed specs & query a couple of points.

    Does anyone know what Qualcomm Chipset the 6385 uses? If someone can identify which chip is used (MSM-5105 is a common chip for handsets). It will let me know if it is half upload capable, or full rate upload capable.

    Has anyone had experience using serial or usb data cables with the 6385, I'm having several unusual issues, predominantly the phone detecting the cable plug-in, and then thinking it's been unplugged again. It does this rapidly for about 5 or 6 cycles. Then settles down. I am not testing with a Genuine Nokia cable, it is a 3rd party DRL3P equivalent.

    The above could possibly be firmware related. If anyone has any information on latest release version & how to check version on the 6385 it would be much appreciated.

    Also if anyone has access to, can they please point me in the direction to obtain a copy of the AT commandset for the 6385. I'd like to find out what the other service options are that Nokia has programmed into the packet data options. +CSO=33 is used for 1X CDMA packet data, however there are also several others available that I can't find any information on.

    Thank you.

    Jarad Wise - Technical Support
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    15 Jarden Mile, Wellington, New Zealand
    Ph: +64-4-4999763 Fax: +64-4-4999764
    Email: jaradw@pccard.co.nz
    WebSite: http://www.pccard.co.nz

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    Hi Jarad

    I'm from New Zealand also, and I'm trying to use my pc to send sms through my Nokia phone.

    Did you have any luck finding any information on AT commands for the Nokia 6385?


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