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    Urgent Help!! Data Transfer Rate

    Hi All,

    I have an application which establishes FTP connection to remote site through GPRS. A file is downloaded and i need to determine the data transfer rate. It is the major requirement of the apllication.
    The application will be scheduled and files will be downloaded.

    Kindly help me as to how to determine data transfer rate.

    Looking forward for your help.


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    Re: Urgent Help!! Data Transfer Rate


    you cannot know in advance ho long the file download will take - you can make only some approximation based on average download speeds based on the technology the network is using (GPRS, EDGE...) and file size, but this could be really different comparing to reality later.

    During download you can the time estimation make more precious based on the real data transfer rate.


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    Re: Urgent Help!! Data Transfer Rate

    Hi STeN,

    I have already implemented this idea. Followin are the details:
    1. I take the timestamp before the downloading and also take a timestamp once the downloading finishes.
    2. Calculate the difference in seconds.
    3. Next step is to check the size (in bytes) of the file transfered.
    4. File Size (in bytes) / Seconds it took to download.

    But i felt that its not the correct way. What are your views on the same.

    // Large file
    File Size: 453825 bytes.
    Seconds : 121
    So the transfer rate would be: 3750 bytes per second.

    //Small File
    File Size: 766 bytes
    Seconds: 21
    Transfer rate: 36 bytes/second.

    Is it correct way?? Downloading Speed????

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