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    Developing crypto services


    I'm a software developer in a security company, and I would like to ask a question to you.

    I am working in Smart Card communications development. I have done a number of important Smart Card projects in Spain consisting in developing drivers for the interoperability between Smart Cards and several operating systems; such as Windows XP, mobile, linux or Mac OS and Smart Card.

    I know that Symbian web explorer can manage software certificates to authenticate secure web services, but I need to use them from Smart Card (hardware). In other operating systems where I have implemented such interoperability, there are pattern libraries which implement this communications. You can see it on CSP for Windows and Pkcs#11 for Linux.

    I would like to know if there is any platform like CSP or Pkcs#11, and if any compatible Symbian device Smart Card Reader exists.

    This is intended for web authentication and electronic signature.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Developing crypto services

    There is are a large amount of API's to do this

    BUT: Examples and such are part of the Symbian Devkit (maybe BAK also) so you are basically on your own.

    Developing TLS extensions is going to require you to be a Symbian partner as the API's to do this are not public AFAIK
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    Re: Developing crypto services

    Thanks for your reply but it's probably that I didn't explain my question very well.

    As an example I'll explain Firefox's API < http://developer.mozilla.org/en/PKCS11_Implement >

    You have to implement the functionalities (click on the link) that Firefox use to interoperate with an smart card. You must implement them because each smart card has different private APDUs.

    I would like to know if this infrastructure or something similar exists on Symbian. I need this information for the project viability. In case of the web explorer or the O.S. can't get access to stored certificates in smart cards I couldn't do the project.

    I need to know if Symbian has implemented the infrastructure to use certificates contained on Smart Card, I can't change Symbian default web browser or e-mail client to allow it.

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    Re: Developing crypto services

    The only Smart Card on Symbian based devices is, of course, the SIM card (no Symbian phones with separate Smart Card readers, and no separate accessories/readers exist with Symbian support, either).

    SIM card access APIs are not in free and public Symbian SDKs, but available through Symbian partnering. However, the actual SIM cards are still controlled/owned by network operators (carriers).

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