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    How to cancel a http request

    Hi all , i am making an http request. it works fine . I am showing a progress dialog while connection is in progress. Now when user press cancel on progreess dialog the request should be cancelled.

    The pb here is my response data is very small . on cancelling pg bar i am deleting my request . But the response is so small that manytimes it completes although cancel is pressed. How to handle this situation correctly.

    If there is some confusion in my question let me know i will try to clarify....


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    Re: How to cancel a http request

    everything depends on the way you send data by http.
    You will have to Close() all R-class objects like RSocket, RConnection, RHostResolver, RHTTPSession, RHTTPTransaction,RSocketServ

    ofcourse if you have ny outstanding sending operation don t forget to call CancelWrite() and etc..

    good luck

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