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    Exclamation How do i get the files in which files are stored...

    Where the nokia N72 saves the messages on phone memory?
    - i copied the messages from inbox to my PC using Nokia PC Suit. it made several files, one for one message.. but where does it actually save the files on C:\ of nokia phone memory?

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    Re: How do i get the files in which files are stored...

    On S60 2nd edition the messages are stored in \system\mail. However do not expect anything that you could use, messages are not sorted by folders (Inbox, Outbox, etc.), but the last digit of TMsvId. You should rather stick with the dedicated messaging API-s.
    It can easily happen that PC Suite (like the built-in File Manager) shows C:\Data as phone memory root, so it is not sure that you actually see the system folder.

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