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    All about MAC - WLAN

    Hello guys,

    I've read posts about WLAN MAC, but I just wanted to make sure couse it's quite important for me

    So, the point is that I need to have ability to change MAC address on my phone
    Some of the guys were writing that it's impossible
    I wanted to know why, is this hardware problem ?
    I mean, MAC address written permanently on some memory ROM, RAM, flash etc ?
    Or software problem,
    - MAC address written permanently somewhere in the system code
    - no API to access it ?

    I have no idea; just please let me know why it can't be changed and if there is any possibility for such feature in the future software releases (if this is about software)

    Thank you very much

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    Re: All about MAC - WLAN

    This is not a publicly documented part of the hardware, and it may also vary between the devices and especially between the manufacturers.
    A technical support request (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...nering_Program) can reveal if there is an accessible software way for that, but personally I doubt that.

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    Re: All about MAC - WLAN

    And why do you want to change the MAC address? Are you trying to access a WLAN access point/router to which you do not have permissions to access? Why not just ask whomever owns/manages the WLAN access point/router to register also your phone's MAC address?

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    Re: All about MAC - WLAN

    I think that currently there should be no public APIs to change WLAN MAC of a nokia phone.however,as wizard_hu_ said, you can try to submit a request to nokia experts to ask whether you can modify the value.please note this service is not free.

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