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    GIOP message fragmentation in Nokia M2M Platform


    I would like to send GIOP messages larger than 1500 bytes. I did what is needed to enable fragmentation of messages at the side of the server (described in appendix A of M2M_Appl_Prog_Guide_Gateway_Trial_v5_0.pdf) and of course at the side of terminal (I rewrote the h and c files to enable fragmentation). But the gateway did not received the fragmented messages.

    So I downloaded the latest version of JDK (1.4.1) and Nokia M2M ADK and Gateway (2.2). Result is that the Gateway does not receive messages at all.

    Can anyone help me?

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    RE: GIOP message fragmentation in Nokia M2M Platform


    Are you using Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java SDK? you need to install Sun's Java SDK to develop your own Java applications.

    Are you using Java SDK's own ORB or other ORB? Java SDK's ORB is recommended with ADK 2.2 version.

    If you are using Java SDK's own ORB so could you send us the content of gateway_sun_csd.bat file.

    What are software versions of your terminals? open N30 configurator -> Help -> About

    What kind of error messages do you get to console window and gateway.log file?

    M2M Developer Support Team

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