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    Byte[] behaving differently on handset!

    My game is now at the alpha playtest stage, and foolishly (I now realise) we have only recently started testing it on handsets (Nokia 7210). It is my first mobile game so perhaps I can be excused for this omission!

    Anyway, we have the usual little inconcistencies that I won't trouble you good folk with, but we have one issue with the game logic that I simply can not understand why it would behave differently, as it's just java (i.e. no graphics or sound calls etc.)

    We hold a byte[] of tiles which we access before moving things around to see whether the destination tile is occupied or whatever. This works fine everywhere on the emulator, but on the handset, in one method, it consistently seems to return zero when we look in the array, even though we KNOW there's good data in there. Very strange.

    Has anyone got any ideas at all as to what could be causing this? I thought it might possibly be a timing issue (although God knows why)but have temporarily removed my timer task and used a tight loop with a delay instead, still no joy. So threading (I think) is ruled out.

    I can happilly provide jad/jar and pertinent source code if it can be of use.

    Any help hugely appreciated.

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    Did you ever get any answers ?

    If not you can send me a .jar and I will have a look for you.


    ps - you might want to put a battery in your motherboard so that the clock can store times greater than 1970

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