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    Post installation MIDlet help

    I require some midlet post installation activity. Such as from which URL I am downloading the application I want to use that URL again in my application and this URL may differ from application to application. Please guide me in this context.
    Ashish Sharma
    J2ME Developer

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    Re: Post installation MIDlet help

    Hi Ashish,

    Can you please specify clearly what exactly you want to do? Do you want to post the data from midlet to the server or something else?

    Software Developer - J2ME

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    Re: Post installation MIDlet help

    As sunil notes, your question is not very clear.

    My suggestions, which might be off-topic (as I do not really understand what you are trying to achieve)
    Could you use the MIDlet-Jar-URL attribute with getAppProperty()?
    Or some other (your own) JAD attribute with the same method? (You could dynamically create teh JAD file on the server side...)


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