hello, I am not clear about what is still supported on flash lite 3.0 for video rendering.

I use a N95 and flash lite In my .swf I have a video object and uses: videoObject.play(url).

If the url references a local file, the video is played and mp4 (H.264) as well as .3gp (h.263) are supported.

Now my url references a file on the web http://.....

then I get an error. If I display teh error by using this:
videoObject.onStatus = function(info){
status_txt.text = "";
status_txt.text = info.level +" :: "+info.code;

I get "0::decodeFailure" Note that I have referenced the same file so the problem seems to come from the http download (no get is issued on the network)

the same applies with url= rtsp://

the question is then are these modes still supported (http download and rtsp streaming with Flash lite 3.0.

Thanks in advance for your replies