Hi, I know this subject has been discussed a few times already in this forum but there are a few grey areas.
and I still can't get the fekking thing working .... 8-)

I have managed to get the NT ras connection working, although my set-up slightly differs to that explained in the help section of the manual.
I only have one serial port so I am connecting to another machine, I also can't get the required baud rate with this connection, I have it running at
19200, rather than the max rate of 115200. however I can connect and download internet pages using Microsoft internet explorer with this connection.

Will the emulator only connect at 115200 ? I understand that trying to connect at 19200 requires changing the setting in the .dat file (which I do using setupcomms.bat)

Do I still need to Replace Symbian\6.1Series60\Epoc32\Wins\c\system\data\cdbv2.dat with the file you get from http://www.digstud.se ?
or was this issue fixed in Release 1.0 ?

I have run the setupcomms.bat and tried to alter this set-up file.

does the name of the TSYName have any relevance other than being an identifying name ?

assuming (fingers crossed that I get this working)

Testing in the emulator

Once I have launched the emulator, should I also manually connect my dial-up network connection or does the emulator manage this itself ?
when I have been trying to connect to a wap page using the "Services" Applications all I get is, "cache error: not configured", followed on occasion
by an emulator crash,
can anyone offer an explanation of why this is happening ?
should I be presented with a connection dialog of some sort or should the connection happen in the background ?

currently when trying to test the sockets application I get the following error ?

Socket Engine
Con Failed

it would also be useful if someone could explain to me exactly what I should see during a connection,
should I see a win2K connection starting or should there be some connection dialogs appearing in the emulator

thanks in advance for any help

Guus Davidson